Butterfly paving LTD it has been building walls for 15 years and we have been working to an extremely high standard ever since. Brick walls can add some more luxury to a property than your average fence or shrub. Also, the art of brick work can really upgrade a home and add some character. Not only this but walls are more private, more durable and much more weather resistant than wooden fences.


There are a variety of bricks to choose from new to traditional bricks in a range of different colours and textures. We will work with you to find the best bricks for your requirements and best suited to the style of your house.


Butterfly Paving is also here to help fix any damage you may take to any of your existing walls. With our 15 years of brick work you can trust our highly skilled team to present you with beautiful and handcrafted brickwork and pointed to create exactly what you envisioned.

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