A driveway is not just a driveway. It is the first thing you will see when you drive up to your home. The importance of a nice driveway can be overlooked, but it truly does make a difference. Butterfly Paving is here to assist you in building a fresh and maintainable driveway to really bring your house together. Whether It be the final touch on your renovation journey, or your driveway just needs some love and attention then we have the services to help.

You will have complete creative control over the way you want your driveway to look and we will worry about the rest. You will be able to choose the colour, pattern and block style to create the best driveway for your home. You will be involved every step on the way, and we will always provide samples to help capture your vision and turn it into reality.

Here at Butterfly Paving we value durability; therefore, we focus our time on digging deep enough to create a solid base. You won’t have to worry about how durable your driveway will be with us, as you can put your trust in us to deliver a strong foundation as it is the key to any good driveway. We can promise our expert team will work hard to build your custom driveway to the best standards that everyone on your street will want a new driveway too.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of our previous transformations to get a good idea of what we do here at Butterfly paving or even some driveway inspiration.

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